Current Edition Vol. 14 Nº 1 - Jan/Feb/Mar / 2020

Reunião dos Pesquisadores de Alzheimer´s (RPDA) - 25 a 27 de Novembro de 2021
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:1-6
1 Depressive disorders in the elderly and dementia: an update
  Authors: Natália S. Dias1; Izabela G. Barbosa1,2; Weihong Kuang3; Antonio L. Teixeira1,4,5
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:7-13
2 Use of the movie "Lorenzo's Oil" for didactic purposes in neuroscience and others health fields
  Authors: Lauana Lopes Gonçalves; Tales Alexandre Aversi-Ferreira
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:14-23
3 Normative data for middle-aged Brazilians in Verbal Fluency (animals and FAS), Trail Making Test (TMT) and Clock Drawing Test (CDT)
  Authors: Guilherme Almeida Carvalho1; Paulo Caramelli2
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:24-27
4 Monitoring compliance with Clinical Protocol and Therapeutic Guidelines for Alzheimer's disease
  Authors: Marcela Forgerini1; Patrícia de Carvalho Mastroianni2
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:28-34
5 Mild cognitive impairment in older adults: analysis of some factors
  Authors: Maria dos Anjos Dixe1; Mônica Braúna1; Timóteo Camacho1; Filipa Couto2; João Apóstolo2
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:35-40
6 Biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease: evaluation of platelets, hemoglobin and vitamin B12
  Authors: Gustavo Alves Andrade dos Santos1,2; Paulo Celso Pardi3
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:41-46
7 Relationship of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, malondialdehyde, and 8-Hydroxy 2-Deoxyguanosine with post-ischemic stroke depression
  Authors: Yuliarni Syafrita1; Darwin Amir2; Restu Susanti1; I Fadhilah1
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:47-55
8 Are "cool" executive function impairments more salient in ADHD symptoms than in reading disability?
  Authors: Gabriella Koltermann1; Natália Becker1; Júlia Beatriz Lopes-Silva2; Mariuche Rodrigues de Almeida Gomides2; Giulia Moreira Paiva2; Vitor Geraldi Haase2; Jerusa Fumagalli de Salles1
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:56-61
9 Emotional disorders evidenced by family caregivers of older people with Alzheimer's disease
  Authors: Carlene Souza Silva Manzini1; Francisco Assis Carvalho do Vale2
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:62-68
10 Practices and behaviors of professionals after falls in institutionalized elderly with and without cognitive decline
  Authors: Cristina Lavareda Baixinho1,2; Maria dos Anjos Dixe2,3
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:69-74
11 Religiosity and quality of life of individuals with Alzheimer's disease and of caregivers: relationship with clinical aspects
  Authors: Gloria Maria A.S. Tedrus1; Lineu Correa Fonseca1✞; Julio Cesar Bredas Ciancaglio2; Gabriela Scartezini Mônico2; Carolina Zamperi2
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:75-79
12 Cerebral localization of higher functions: memory-related anatomic structures Initial findings
  Authors: Eliasz Engelhardt
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:80-82
13 Hermann Rorschach: from klecksography to psychiatry
  Authors: Ricardo Vieira Teles Filho
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:83-87
14 Ekbom Syndrome associated with Lewy Body Dementia: a case report
  Authors: Felippe José Pontes de Mendonça; Ivan Abdalla Teixeira; Valeska Marinho
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:88-90
15 Letters to the Editor
  Authors: Leonardo Ferreira Caixeta, MD, PhD
Dement. Neuropsychol. 2020;14:91-91
16 Errata


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