Vol. 6 nº 4 - Oct/Nov/Dec de 2012
Views & Reviews Páginas: 198 a 202

Occupational health, cognitive disorders and occupational neuropsychology

Authors Leonardo Caixeta1; George Martins Ney da Silva Júnior2; Victor de Melo Caixeta2; Cláudio Henrique Ribeiro Reimer3; Paulo Verlaine Borges e Azevedo3


keywords: occupational health, cognitive disorders, neuropsychology, executive functions, burnout

Work can be an important etiologic factor in the genesis of some mental disorders including cognitive disability. Occupational neuropsychology constitutes an intriguing new but neglected area of research and clinical practice which deals with the neurocognitive consequences of the work environment and work habits. Neuropsychological knowledge is fundamental to understand cognitive requirements of work competence. Work can impact sleep patterns and mental energy, which in turn can cause neuropsychological symptoms. This report presents relevant evidence to illustrate the relationship between work and cognitive dysfunction.


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