Vol. 7 nº 1 - Jan/Feb/Mar de 2013
Original Article Páginas: 66 a 74

Frontal presentation of Alzheimer's disease: a series of patients with biological evidence by CSF biomarkers

Authors Leonardo Cruz de Souza1; Maxime Bertoux1; Aurélie Funkiewiez2; Dalila Samri2; Carole Azuar1; Marie-Odile Habert3; Aurélie Kas3; Foudil Lamari4; Marie Sarazin1; Bruno Dubois1


keywords: Alzheimer's disease, frontotemporal dementia, CSF biomarkers.

Besides its typical amnesic presentation, focal atypical presentations of Alzheimer's disease (AD) have been described in neuropathological studies. These phenotypical variants of AD (so-called "atypical AD") do not follow the typical amnestic pattern and include non-amnestic focal cortical syndromes, such as posterior cortical atrophy and frontal variant AD. These variants exhibit characteristic histological lesions of Alzheimer pathology at post-mortem exam. By using physiopathological markers, such as cerebrospinal fluid markers, it is now possible to establish in vivo a biological diagnosis of AD in these focal cortical syndromes. We report a series of eight patients who were diagnosed with behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia based on their clinical, neuropsychological and neuroimaging findings, while CSF biomarkers showed an AD biological profile, thus supporting a diagnosis of frontal variant of AD.


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