Vol. 2 nº 2 - Apr/May/Jun de 2008
Case Report Páginas: 151 a 154

Cognitive deficits associated with optic aphasia: neuropsychological contribution to a differential diagnosis

Authors Melissa de Almeida Rodrigues1, Carla Cristina Adda2, Mara Cristina de Souza Lucia3, Milberto Scaff4, Eliane Correa Miotto3


keywords: optic aphasia, neuropsychological assessment, differential diagnosis.

Optic aphasia is characterized by a deficit in naming objects presented visually, as a result of left occipito-temporal lesion. It differs from other neuropsychological disorders due to the nature of the deficits and impairment of cognitive function. A 52 year-old patient, admitted after an episode of sub-acute infarction in the territory of the left posterior cerebral artery involving the temporo-occipital region, was submitted to neuropsychological evaluation as part of a diagnostic investigation and presented specific characteristics of this disorder, as well as impairment to episodic memory. The relevance of the present case is justified not only due to the rarity of the disorder, but also because it highlights the importance of differential diagnosis in the treatment of patients.


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